A Portland Oregon users group primarily for languages that compile to machine native format such as C, C++, Assembly as well as dabble in chip design and architecture.

Meeting format

  • Announcements
  • Beginner talk
  • Short break
  • Intermediate to advanced talk

Beginner talk

Hello World! A lot of experienced programmers feel like beginners with C even if they used it in school if they haven’t used it extensively since then. Students, and people who might need a refresher should both feel comfortable in this part of the meeting.


The second part of the meeting will have a set start time such that people can skip the first talk. Announcements include telling people about projects they are looking to collaborate with, upcoming events, and “We’re Hiring”.

Intermediate to advanced talk

Could be almost anything. Starting a new hobby operating system? Programming spin control on a rocket? Writing a fast paced 3d video game? Bootstrapping bare metal via a JTAG debugger? We’d love to hear about it.

Location and time

2nd Tuesdays at Crowd Compass doors at 6:00PM, and first talk at 7PM

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Get in Touch

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Code of conduct

Don’t be a jerk. (placeholder till more specific rules are written)

Organizers and Contributers

Daniel Patrick Johnson (@teknotus) got things moving with a call for proposals on the DorkbotPDX mailing list, Thomas Lockney (@tlockney) thought of the name pdxbyte, and generously donated the domain names, Evie Strohmeyer (@SpaceDictator) helps with website, planning, outreach, organization, and motivation!


This page is hosted at github. Create a pull request, or ask for a commit bit.